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Graphic design is not just an art, it’s a science. Every font, color, and element has a psychological impact on your viewers. By using the psychology of graphic design and understanding your target, you can convey the message you’re trying to get across, and even provoke an action.

With over a decade of diverse professional graphic design service, you can be sure your project is in good hands! I have worked with hundreds of business owners helping them achieve a functional, progressive and professional image.

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A Little History About Erica

Erica takes a pit stop at the Colorado Sand Dunes on her way out West

I am a New Hampshire Native, nationally acclaimed certified graphic designer. Well rounded experience has found it’s way into my portfolio, allowing me to master the Adobe Creative Suite and skillfully grow with the graphic design industry since 1999. Since then, I’ve come a long way. I even traveled to the other side of the country to work with a major TV production studio producing graphic design for major brands. It’s was a great experience!

Erica graduating on Phi Theta Kappa; National Dean’s List

College Days
I started my college career right out of high school. I graduated Phi Theta Kappa, National Deans List, Student of the Term Consecutively and even managed the on-campus print center.

Erica drawing caricatures at Walt Disney World

Caricatures at Disney World
I ended up on an internship to Walt Disney World in Florida. There, I learned how to draw caricatures and for the next 4.5 years, worked in about 15 resorts across property and the Animal Kingdom Park. It was the happiest place on earth! I loved every minute, but little did I know that my life would have much more experience to come!

Golter Graphix
When I finally returned home to New Hampshire, I opened my own brick and mortar graphic design company, Golter Graphix. It took a little while to build a system but once I understood the market demand, my graphic design company converted to an advertising agency providing graphic design.

Classified Connection

Classified Connection
I ran my own publication; Classified Connection, which distributed over 20,000 publications each month to 11 towns and cities with 280 distribution locations. This publication, developed in-house, grew 800% in the first year and served hundreds of business owners and non-profit community organizations and thousands of community members. Wow!

Box Top Promotions

Box Top Promotions
In the highlight of Classified Connection, Box Top Promotions was born, and Golter Graphix was now providing pizza box delivery flyer advertising and other cooperative advertising like menus and placements. Dozens of restaurants came on board to join hundreds of local businesses. It was awesome!

Drawing in Las Vegas
Eventually, I wanted to go mobile and gain some personal freedom. I redistributed my employees and contractors, liquidated my assets, grabbed my easel and laptop, packed my car and headed west to freelance on a brand new excursion.

I ended up in Nevada where I was drawing caricatures on the Las Vegas Boulevard and working with a major TV production company designing graphics, packaging and TV production portfolios. I loved it so much!

Back Home to New Hampshire
I got a little home sick after a while and decided that I wanted to return to New Hampshire and settle down, so I moved back to the Granite State and found my life partner Eric. He and I had a son and bought a house together in the mountains.

Coming back home was the best decision I ever made. I’m still doing what I love every single day. I am still drawing caricatures and still graphic designing. I couldn’t be happier.

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