Direct Mail


Reach your audience through direct mail.

Direct marketing, or direct mail is a non-traditional form of advertising by reaching your target by mail, rather than advertising options like TV, radio or newspapers.

Direct advertising is straight to the point. A business can utilize it to offer a specific product or service, or advertise their event.


Direct mail delivers in a variety of formats, such as fliers, promotional letters, postcards, catalogs and other similar ways to market your business.

Direct mail is unique in its own way of gaining you exposure through sending your message directly to consumers without using commercial communication and giving you an option to utilize a "call to action." Utilizing both specifics with direct marketing, you can take advantage of being able to track and measure response from consumers.

A well thought-out campaign can offer a positive return on your investment, as long as you are conveying the correct message to the right audience and offering a "call to action."

Reach them with Something Unique.

* Send a product sample: What better way to market your product than to let your contact try what you're offering?

* Send a promotion: How about a coupon to inspire your audience to visit your store? People love deals, so give 'em what they want!

* How about an invitation? Have an open house? Grand opening? Big sale? Send an invite!

* Referral program: Give incentive to share your information by offering a referral incentive.

* Send them a CD Mailer: Have a slide-show, music clip or demo to show your clients? You might want to consider a CD self-mailer.

* Custom Die-Cut Shapes: Custom Die-Cuts can be vital to give your image a unique look & feel!