Brochure Design


What better way to offer additional information about your products or services than building a company brochure.

A brochure offers an option for its reader to have a take-away piece for your business. lthough it may not be a sample of your product or service, it is something the consumer can look at again and again to remind them of what you have to offer and why you're different than the next guy.

Brochures offer advertising space a business can utilize to deliver additional information about their business beyond a business card.

A brochure typically outlines important sections that discuss the business' products, services and origin. It also offers contact information and often a web site for the consumer to find more information or a catalog of products.


There are two types of brochures; informative and promotional: An informational brochure provides more information for client or potential client to read up on about your business.
A promotional brochure is usually time-sensitive, promoting and event, product or service.

A brochure reinforces the information you want your clients to know and understand about your business. The design piece usually includes categories of services (or promotions) with supporting information- Another tool to convince your audience that you're right for the job.

Most importantly, a brochure should be relevant and carry your company branding in order to portray a professional image.