Print Design


What better way to offer additional information about your products or services than building a company brochure.

A brochure offers an option for its reader to have a take-away piece for your business. lthough it may not be a sample of your product or service, it is something the consumer can look at again and again to remind them of what you have to offer and why you're different than the next guy.

Brochures offer advertising space a business can utilize to deliver additional information about their business beyond a business card.

A brochure typically outlines important sections that discuss the business' products, services and origin. It also offers contact information and often a web site for the consumer to find more information or a catalog of products.


There are two types of brochures; informative and promotional: An informational brochure provides more information for client or potential client to read up on about your business.
A promotional brochure is usually time-sensitive, promoting and event, product or service.

A brochure reinforces the information you want your clients to know and understand about your business. The design piece usually includes categories of services (or promotions) with supporting information- Another tool to convince your audience that you're right for the job.

Most importantly, a brochure should be relevant and carry your company branding in order to portray a professional image.


Whether you'd like to admit, a book IS judged by its cover.

When was the last time you bought a product because of how it was packaged?


Although a musician might not be able to product a professional CD album art design, if their album has a fantastic design, the art may sell the CD itself. How you've illustrated the work on the outside of your CD will determine the perception the consumer will have of the quality on the inside.

Just like every other design, every element is there for a reason.. and you should be able to connect with your intended viewer and use your CD album art to do just that.

Additionally, music is not the only industry that might utilize CD Album art. Many companies utilize CD Album art to enhance self-mailer CD promotional pieces for direct mail and other outlets.

A CD Mailer may contain an informative slide-show, music clip or demo to show clients via direct mail.


Reach your audience through direct mail.

Direct marketing, or direct mail is a non-traditional form of advertising by reaching your target by mail, rather than advertising options like TV, radio or newspapers.

Direct advertising is straight to the point. A business can utilize it to offer a specific product or service, or advertise their event.


Direct mail delivers in a variety of formats, such as fliers, promotional letters, postcards, catalogs and other similar ways to market your business.

Direct mail is unique in its own way of gaining you exposure through sending your message directly to consumers without using commercial communication and giving you an option to utilize a "call to action." Utilizing both specifics with direct marketing, you can take advantage of being able to track and measure response from consumers.

A well thought-out campaign can offer a positive return on your investment, as long as you are conveying the correct message to the right audience and offering a "call to action."

Reach them with Something Unique.

* Send a product sample: What better way to market your product than to let your contact try what you're offering?

* Send a promotion: How about a coupon to inspire your audience to visit your store? People love deals, so give 'em what they want!

* How about an invitation? Have an open house? Grand opening? Big sale? Send an invite!

* Referral program: Give incentive to share your information by offering a referral incentive.

* Send them a CD Mailer: Have a slide-show, music clip or demo to show your clients? You might want to consider a CD self-mailer.

* Custom Die-Cut Shapes: Custom Die-Cuts can be vital to give your image a unique look & feel!


Packaging is useful for storage, sale, distribution and use.

Have you ever bought a product just because the packaging was appealing? Just like print design, packaging must also reach out to your end user and give a view of what they'll find inside. A brand sells. A good product sells.. .and Packaging sells. Packaging, labeling and tagging your product is a major part of marketing. What does your package say about your product? If you were the end consumer, what separates your packaged product from the competitors?


Beyond marketing and communication, packaging (and labeling) have other important objectives, such as physical and barrier protection, containment, a means to transmit information, security, portion control, and convenience.


Create an Effective Marketing Piece.

Your promotional poster will likely be hung around other posters competing for attention. The design should be relevant, effective and be able to catch your viewer's attention immediately. Stand out from your competitor, the design next to you.


Remember that most people seeing your poster will either be walking by, riding by or driving by, so it must be able to catch them within a few seconds.

Your poster should be bold, simple and contain minimal information that will effectively get your point across.

Poster designs can be used to announce events, promote products, or simply make a statement.


Make it Scream "READ ME!"

Your publication design should be simple, easy to read and relevant.

What would you rather read? Blocks of text or text with images? Follow a grid, but make it dynamic! Break up the monotony and above all, make it aesthetically pleasing.


Here are some ideas for publication design:

Magazine Spread- Have an article to develop? Make sure you submit a professional design.
We can help!

Magazine Spread- Have a full page / full spread magazine ad to create for your business? The most effective way to market yourself is to submit a professional design, relevant to your business and carrying your branding image.

Annual Report- How will you represent your company's image?

Company Catalog- Want to market a handful of products or services in a professional way? Have a professional design your catalog and give you that crisp image you're looking for.


Above advertising, what is going to scream your business the loudest? You guessed it! A very large and very visible sign. This could be your company's signage or a highway or in-town billboard.

Beyond the size and location (which is certainly very important for signage), you want to make sure that your viewers see your branding colors, imagery and they get that quick message in a glance.


From time to time, you might come up with a special project or need specific promotional pieces for your business or personal project.

If you have a specialty piece idea or project request, even if it's not listed in this site, contact us, because chances are, if you can dream it, it can be done.

The sky is not the limit.


Now that you have an effective logo that makes your company stand out from its competitors, you are ready to enhance your branding by beginning with your stationery system.

Compliment your business and strengthen your branding image with a professional stationery system.

Stationery is important to your business because it will ultimately reflect your business image in all correspondence delivered from your door. Your letterhead should match your envelope and your business card as well.


Business Card- A business card is the best reference for your potential client. The card contains your business logo, contact information and other relevant information for quick reference. A strong networking piece.

Letterhead- Necessary for all company correspondence including invoices, projections, letters, notices, receipts, and all other correspondence from your company. Professional letterhead confirms that your business is established, trustworthy and professional.

Envelope- Compliment your stationery letterhead with a matching envelope. This will enhance your branding image and give you the crisp, professional image you need for success.