What a Wonderful World.

It's that crazy time of year again boys and girls, and Classified Connection has been busy in their workshop preparing for the busy month ahead. We have Tons of  Exciting new things going on this month!

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We are an OFFICIAL drop-off location for TOYS FOR TOTS! Give back to children this holiday season. Bring your donations to 65 Hanson Street, Rochester. Mon - Fri, 9a-11a or Call for Another Time!! Golter Graphix / Classified Connection 603-332-9382

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Graphic Design Interview

hether you want a business card, a logo, or would simply like to sit down with a graphic designer and discuss options for your business, you will engage in a highly important art of what is known as the graphic design interview.

To the graphic designer, it is a tricky mix of listening and conveying, but more listening and asking questions, much like the standard job interview.

As with any interview, the key factor, without a doubt, is communication. After all, that's what graphic designers get paid to do- to interpret your ideas into a productive, flowing, symbolic image based on their research, knowledge and experience.

Initially, a graphic designer will like to listen to your ideas; though many graphic designers are particularly skilled with formulating a cohesive image out of partial data and vague ideas, to be formulated and thought out.

At this point, your designer will be able to follow your vision and let you know if the path you are choosing is the right one for your company's future.

As a buyer of graphic design, here's what you can do to get the most out of your design interview:

1. Formulate your ideas pre-interview and research existing logos to find ones you like.

From the point of view of the graphic designer, this is a mandatory imperative. Many clients as entrepreneurs come to graphic designers as if climbing a mountain to seek a guru.

During the phase of exuberant enthusiasm, a spark occurs that ignites the wonderful idea of a logo, corporate identity, or otherwise topically known as branding. This fire that

Make Your Business Happen
There's a lot to do to make your business happen.

Take some of these things into consideration
when you're trying to get noticed:

  • Do you have a branding identity?

  • How strong is your logo and supporting media?

  • Have you taken the time to sit down and analyze your business plan?
    It's important that you review and revise often. Because the market is ever-changing, you'll need to be ready.

  • Are you networked with the right professionals is each aspect of your business?
    You can't run a business by yourself, and everyone professes in one thing or another. You'll often come across times where you will need another professional in another field to help you get the job done right.



golter graphix twitterGolter Graphix & Social Media Networking
Get your name out there!
(How else is any one going to know you exist?)
Follow Golter Graphix, LLC on Twitter!

Along with making sure you provide what you offer, networking can be very rewarding for your business.
Think about your favorite company. (unbiased to friends)
How does that company reach out to you?

Consider multiple outlets.

Here are a few ideas on how to spread the good word:

1) Communicate. Just talk. Tell people what you're all about and what you're trying to accomplish. You'll be surprised who might see things your way, and better yet, tell others about you. Networking is good.

2) Join a local networking group. Search networking groups in your area. Do you have a local BNI? or another local networking group to join? Finding one and staying active in your group can be rewarding.

2) Utilize social media networking sites. You've heard it all before right? Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Linkedin, Pulse, Bebo, etc... Sign up already! These are all free services you can utilize to meet others.

3) Classified sites can help promote your product or service. Craigslist anyone? There are more than enough classified web sites to utilize for free. Just search classifieds. List your postings and viola.

4) "Re"search out your target audience. Figure out who you think could best benefit as your target audience and seek them out.

5) Print Design Marketing- Put your ad in a magazine or paper you think your target audience might pick up. Tack your business card or brochure to bulletin areas.

6) Listings- The phone book might be working for a handfull of industries nowadays, but let's face it. We live in a technologically savvy world. Don't forget that people are searching through Search Engines, Directories, Databases and Personal Pages. Submit your listing to sites where your target might find you... Yellowpages.com, CitySearch.com, Google.com, Yahoo.com, etc... Can you be found?

7) Direct Mail- Again, Reminding your target audience that you exist. This could be a mass mailing about a new product, new service, amazing offer, or even just to say thanks, for being there for us. Without customers (or clients), where would our business be?

8) TV & Radio- Create something visual. Something we hear is something we can see if we describe it well. Something we see can entise our curiousity.

9) Presentations & Trade Shows- You should be- where those you want to find you, can. It could be a conscious or subconscious desire to know your company. Remember your image, and who you're reaching out to.

10) Signs & Banners- Have a Store Front? Or Don't? Building Wraps, Truck Wraps, Car Magnets, Billboards, Sandwich Boards, ect... Where will you be seen?

11) Email, Email, Email. When was the last time you talked to a choice vendor or client? Asked them how things were going? And remind them that you are there for them? Thanked them for being part of your circle of contacts? How much more likely will you have a repeat customer (or client) if they feel their experience with your company is rewarding?

12) Have a Web Presence. Remember that getting people to come to you can be a wonderful thing. Make sure you are prepared to show them what you have to offer and why it will benefit them. You can be directing them to your web site through any of the ideas listed above. You can also make sure your web site is 'search friendly', by talking with a web professional. This will allow people to find you via search engines.

13) SBA- Stuck in a rut? The Seacoast Business Association will provide a free business coaching session in your area! Check them out at SBA.gov

Building a business is not easy. It's a process,
at the very least. If you stay true to your values
and be pleasantly persistent, your hard work
will surely pay off.

These are only a few ideas on how to get your name out there. Now that you have ideas, go on and get 'em!

To your success,

Erica Golter
Marketing Director
Golter Graphix LLC

These are only a few ideas on how to get your name out there. Now that you have ideas, go on and get 'em!

To your success,

Erica Golter
Marketing Director
Golter Graphix LLC

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Business Spotlight at NECU June 2009

Check out Our Business Spotlight
For the Entire Month of June!

We'll be Showing Off Our
New Leather Bound Photo Book!

Any picture you ever see of this book is an understatement. If you're getting married or know someone who is getting married, this photo book captures the story from start to finish in a professional, gorgeous light. Stop in to see what we're talking about!

leather bound hand crafted wedding photo book

North East Credit Union
Rochester, NH
Main Lobby

06/01/2009 - 06/30/2009

Classified Connection Rises Up!!



The Future of Documents


With all the economic transition companies are making today, one of the most beneficial can be the digital swap of the paper filing system.

There are a handful of helpful products on the market that can help you do just that.

One in particular seems to be the hype of the current digital trends, NeatReceipts. With NeatReceipts, you can scan receipts, documents and business cards to eliminate the paper pile. Not only can you scan them for digital storing, but this unique system identifies information in your scanned item to help you file properly.

For example, you can extract specific data from receipts into expense reports. You can turn business cards into contacts for your address book and scan documents to create a searchable, editable .PDF file for your convenience.

With receipts, this handy piece of equipment searches for the date, vendor, amount and the sales tax, utilizing this information to offer you benefits like expense reporting.
Business cards allow the machine to capture contact information and images including the person's name, company, title, address, phone, email, website, and fax number. It also scans a copy of the image itself.
For documents, you can scan to create a searchable .pdf document.

One great thing about scanning your documents is that the IRS will accept these scanned copies.

Your export options include .pdf files, Microsoft Excel documents, Quicken files, Quickbook databases, Turbotax files and more!

What does this all mean to me, you ask? Not only are you reducing your "carbon footprint," but you're organizing your data in such a way that is easily searchable at your fingertips and utilizing the option to integrate your tax and database software to save time and frustration.

In summary, you can utilize a digital filing system to save the earth and minimize your workload. What a deal, eh?

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succeed by those around you

Even if you strongly believe you have the courage, independence, knowledge, skills and drive to accomplish something great like starting your own business, it's important to be sure you are surrounding yourself with a positive support system.

Whether it be your family, your best friends or your tightly networked college group, the feelings they have about you prospering can either cause stress or give motivation. You want to surround yourself with those who believe you can do it, possibly even offer to provide resources for your accomplishment and after all the cheering along, they are there to share your self-fulfillment by offering their congratulations.

You can imagine the difference being around those who say, "Well someone already tried that and it didn't work," or "Maybe you should be realistic," versus those who might say "That's an amazing idea!" or "Wow! That's great! You know who you might want to network with?"

Surrounding yourself with a positive support system may just give you that extra bit of strength you need to fulfill your aspiration.

Stay positive and you stay progressive.

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Newsletters: What Do They Mean for my Business?


We have all subscribed to one newsletter or another. It's usually because we are interested in the industry or topic it surrounds. It might be because they've made a low-risk offer that we impulsively couldn't refuse. You probably felt the information would be useful or had a high value to it.

Newsletters for Business

As a business owner, you should know how a newsletter can help your business, and what to watch out for that might hurt your business.

Keeping in Touch
- Newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with your clients. Keep them updated about any new products or services you're providing or if you've added something to your web site or business process that would help ease of function for the end user. Your client might appreciate seeing updates or just hearing from you to know that your business has them in mind.

Promotional Use- A good way to promote your business, a new campaign you're running or new products and services you're offering is through a newsletter. You can use your newsletter to offer subscribers first "dibs" on something new or include a subscriber-only coupon. Giving them something special just for them will make them want to keep receiving your correspondence. As we all know, updating your content regularly not only helps keep your inventory fresh, but it may help bring your viewers back for more, time and time again.

Get Your Audience Involved!- What if you were to offer a contest? or user survey? Getting your audience involved is not only a way to keep them engaged, but you can also obtain useful feedback that can help you in your future development. Remember that we are trying to sell to the client, so it's wise to offer them something they want, what they'll need and always give them options!

Include High Value Content- You wouldn't subscribe to a newsletter with content that isn't useful to you, would you? Be sure that your newsletters are chock-full of information your user will find interesting and useful.

Watch Out!- Remember that those who join your newsletter, do so because they choose to. Just because you get someone's business card, doesn't mean they automatically "opt-in." If you meet someone new and they offer their card, maybe you can ask if they would like to be part of your newsletter. Being thoughtful will keep everyone content and save you from the label "spammer."

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