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Make Your Business Happen
There's a lot to do to make your business happen.

Take some of these things into consideration
when you're trying to get noticed:

  • Do you have a branding identity?

  • How strong is your logo and supporting media?

  • Have you taken the time to sit down and analyze your business plan?
    It's important that you review and revise often. Because the market is ever-changing, you'll need to be ready.

  • Are you networked with the right professionals is each aspect of your business?
    You can't run a business by yourself, and everyone professes in one thing or another. You'll often come across times where you will need another professional in another field to help you get the job done right.



golter graphix twitterGolter Graphix & Social Media Networking
Get your name out there!
(How else is any one going to know you exist?)
Follow Golter Graphix, LLC on Twitter!

Along with making sure you provide what you offer, networking can be very rewarding for your business.
Think about your favorite company. (unbiased to friends)
How does that company reach out to you?

Consider multiple outlets.

Here are a few ideas on how to spread the good word:

1) Communicate. Just talk. Tell people what you're all about and what you're trying to accomplish. You'll be surprised who might see things your way, and better yet, tell others about you. Networking is good.

2) Join a local networking group. Search networking groups in your area. Do you have a local BNI? or another local networking group to join? Finding one and staying active in your group can be rewarding.

2) Utilize social media networking sites. You've heard it all before right? Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Linkedin, Pulse, Bebo, etc... Sign up already! These are all free services you can utilize to meet others.

3) Classified sites can help promote your product or service. Craigslist anyone? There are more than enough classified web sites to utilize for free. Just search classifieds. List your postings and viola.

4) "Re"search out your target audience. Figure out who you think could best benefit as your target audience and seek them out.

5) Print Design Marketing- Put your ad in a magazine or paper you think your target audience might pick up. Tack your business card or brochure to bulletin areas.

6) Listings- The phone book might be working for a handfull of industries nowadays, but let's face it. We live in a technologically savvy world. Don't forget that people are searching through Search Engines, Directories, Databases and Personal Pages. Submit your listing to sites where your target might find you...,,,, etc... Can you be found?

7) Direct Mail- Again, Reminding your target audience that you exist. This could be a mass mailing about a new product, new service, amazing offer, or even just to say thanks, for being there for us. Without customers (or clients), where would our business be?

8) TV & Radio- Create something visual. Something we hear is something we can see if we describe it well. Something we see can entise our curiousity.

9) Presentations & Trade Shows- You should be- where those you want to find you, can. It could be a conscious or subconscious desire to know your company. Remember your image, and who you're reaching out to.

10) Signs & Banners- Have a Store Front? Or Don't? Building Wraps, Truck Wraps, Car Magnets, Billboards, Sandwich Boards, ect... Where will you be seen?

11) Email, Email, Email. When was the last time you talked to a choice vendor or client? Asked them how things were going? And remind them that you are there for them? Thanked them for being part of your circle of contacts? How much more likely will you have a repeat customer (or client) if they feel their experience with your company is rewarding?

12) Have a Web Presence. Remember that getting people to come to you can be a wonderful thing. Make sure you are prepared to show them what you have to offer and why it will benefit them. You can be directing them to your web site through any of the ideas listed above. You can also make sure your web site is 'search friendly', by talking with a web professional. This will allow people to find you via search engines.

13) SBA- Stuck in a rut? The Seacoast Business Association will provide a free business coaching session in your area! Check them out at

Building a business is not easy. It's a process,
at the very least. If you stay true to your values
and be pleasantly persistent, your hard work
will surely pay off.

These are only a few ideas on how to get your name out there. Now that you have ideas, go on and get 'em!

To your success,

Erica Golter
Marketing Director
Golter Graphix LLC

These are only a few ideas on how to get your name out there. Now that you have ideas, go on and get 'em!

To your success,

Erica Golter
Marketing Director
Golter Graphix LLC

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Newsletters: What Do They Mean for my Business?

We have all subscribed to one newsletter or another. It's usually because we are interested in the industry or topic it surrounds. It might be because they've made a low-risk offer that we impulsively couldn't refuse. You probably felt the information would be useful or had a high value to it.

Newsletters for Business

As a business owner, you should know how a newsletter can help your business, and what to watch out for that might hurt your business.

Keeping in Touch
- Newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with your clients. Keep them updated about any new products or services you're providing or if you've added something to your web site or business process that would help ease of function for the end user. Your client might appreciate seeing updates or just hearing from you to know that your business has them in mind.

Promotional Use- A good way to promote your business, a new campaign you're running or new products and services you're offering is through a newsletter. You can use your newsletter to offer subscribers first "dibs" on something new or include a subscriber-only coupon. Giving them something special just for them will make them want to keep receiving your correspondence. As we all know, updating your content regularly not only helps keep your inventory fresh, but it may help bring your viewers back for more, time and time again.

Get Your Audience Involved!- What if you were to offer a contest? or user survey? Getting your audience involved is not only a way to keep them engaged, but you can also obtain useful feedback that can help you in your future development. Remember that we are trying to sell to the client, so it's wise to offer them something they want, what they'll need and always give them options!

Include High Value Content- You wouldn't subscribe to a newsletter with content that isn't useful to you, would you? Be sure that your newsletters are chock-full of information your user will find interesting and useful.

Watch Out!- Remember that those who join your newsletter, do so because they choose to. Just because you get someone's business card, doesn't mean they automatically "opt-in." If you meet someone new and they offer their card, maybe you can ask if they would like to be part of your newsletter. Being thoughtful will keep everyone content and save you from the label "spammer."

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            A strong website can help spread your company’s message to potentially millions of customers around the world.  A good website can also improve your business by providing a way for customers around the globe to access your products.  Getting people to come to your website can feel like one of the most difficult things in the world.  Unless you can market it properly, a website might as well not even exist.  Not to fear though, getting the word out about your website is not the daunting task that it initially seems.  It just takes a little bit of effort to start seeing the traffic of the internet flowing your way.

It's Official!!


Welcome Our Newest Subsidiary:


We officially registered our newest dba!

What a fantastic outlet to offer our clients!

Box Top Promotions Small Business Advertising NH

Keep your eyes open while we build our brand new web site:

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So, it's been a long time coming. We've been working so hard to bring you the best little community resource for our locals and local advertisers. Classified Connection is flying off the shelf, and why shouldn't it at an amazing price, FREE!

We've been listening to the public. We're hearing your requests and suggestions and praise. We're now expanding our horizons to fit your needs as a business owner, all the while, supporting the locals, which helps bring our community together!

Golter Graphix LLC is proud to announce our newest edition to the marketing options we have available to you. We are now offering pizza box, restaurant, and retail flyer advertising!

Our current available partners to advertise with are:

Papa Jay's Pizza; Dover, NH
Kristos Pizza; Gonic Road in Rochester, NH
Village Pizza; Rochester, NH
Four Corners Antiques; Rochester, NH
Charlie's Pizza; Rochester, NH
Rochester House of Pizza; Rochester, NH |
Farmington House of Pizza; Farmington, NH
Milton House of Pizza; Milton, NH
Anthony's Old Style Pizzeria; Alton, NH
Anthony's Old Style Pizzeria; Wolfeboro, NH

Wolfgang Pizza; Wolfeboro, NH
Somersworth House of Pizza; Somersworth, NH
Spinners Pizza; Lee, NH
Mama Lena's Pizza; Newmarket, NH

Royal Pizza, Wolfeboro, NH

(inquire for others in the Concord, NH area and surrounding areas.)

Subject to Availability and Expanding to your Area in NH Soon! (Currently Seacoast & Lakes Region)

Have a request for your town or city? Let us know! 603-332-9382

A special thanks to the local businesses participating in this wonderful partnership. Together, we can make a difference.

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You can flip through magazines at a doctor’s office, flip channels on televisions, and read some newspapers, but you will not be able to avoid advertisements. While you may despise advertisements, some of them are relevant for yourself, as a consumer or a marketer. Maybe some advertisements seem pointless, but appearances can be deceiving.

Advertisements may appear like an attempt for marketers to convince consumers to purchase their products, but those advertisements have hidden messages. Those small, information-filled spaces inform consumers about products, but they also do inform consumers of what they could gain.

Many consumers fail to realize that they’re capable of owning necessities. Many American families continue to rent their homes because they do not realize that they’re capable of purchasing their own home, which is one of the basic necessities for survival. Advertising becomes crucial because graphic designers are only attempting to inform Americans of how they could improve their lifestyles, finances, and knowledge.

During these hard times, many Americans struggle to pay their bills, feed their children, maintain their homes, and find jobs. This is where advertisements become very relevant.

According to Rick Poynor, Americans and advertisements are joined at the hip, “In material terms, many other countries caught up, but America has more advertising on a larger scale than any other economy, and the daily experience of commercial persuasion is exceptionally relentless and hard to resist” (348).

Poynor has a point here. Advertisements are a huge benefit to Americans, especially during these hard, economical times. Graphic designers’ advertisements are teaching Americans about how they can purchase homes for low rates, learn about academic programs at various colleges, locate sales at the local grocery store, and list job postings.

In all, graphic designers benefit Americans because an American could be informed about a bank foreclosure that costs $2,000, the new medical program at the local community college, a reduced price on ground beef, and a job opening at the local insurance company.

Graphic designers are not trying to convince consumers to splurge on unnecessary items, but they’re taking advantage of these harsh times to inform Americans of how they could save money, receive education and training, or improve their chances of finding a new job. Graphic designers are similar to moral support for Americans these days because their advertisements could benefit the average American household.

If you see an advertisement, it would be wise to read it because it could have important updates, and thank your local graphic designer.


Works Cited

Poynor, Rick. “A Separate Peace.” Print 57.6 (Nov. 2003): 62-349. Academic Search Premier. EBSCO. Malpass Lib., Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL. 26 Feb. 2009 <>.

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Regardless of who knows the exact time the economic crisis will end or how much of a crisis it really is, the same thing prevails- apprehension.

In a slow economy, don't forget that you have the advantage over others in the market who put their money back in their pocket instead of advertising. Take advantage in the downtime of your competitor and when the economy rolls back to its good ol' self, you will already be in the public eye.

Come back even stronger by utilizing your advertising budget and increasing your advertising with low cost and free forms of advertising. Remember, the more you get your name out there, the better!   

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Marketing, in general, is a continuous process of preparation and execution a combination of ideas, products, and services. Utilizing a combination of these three elements will be exchanged between individuals and organizations.

Industries related to marketing can be defined in advertising, vending and other types of distribution. The need for products, discovered through market research, rotates around the future needs and desires of your customer.


Ready to market yourself professionally?
Turn to the professionals.

Marketing yourself effectively relies solely on several important aspects: