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GolterGraphix, LLC Sponsors the Share Fund & Other Non-Profits

GolterGraphix, LLC has sponsored several non-profit and community help organizations through donating time and design. Those of which include Armenian Dramatic Arts Alliance, Belknap County Fair Association, Families in Transition, One More Referral, Portsmouth Housing Authority, and we are now pleased to have the unique opportunity to add The Share Fund to this list.

Creating a Professional Portfolio

    Portfolios can be seen in many aspects of life.  They are used in education, in business, fashion, teaching and many other fields to display professional development.  Your portfolio can also be used as part of a job interview to demonstrate your ability.  But, what is a portfolio and how do you make one?  The process is actually very simple, and with a little work you can be on the way to creating your own portfolio for whatever purpose you need.

    A portfolio is a group of work samples that you choose which are intended to show the range and scope of your abilities.  Whether you are creating a portfolio to show off your design aesthetic, or your ability as a writer, it is important to remember that this is what you will show the world as an example of your work.  Make sure that you focus on choosing strong submissions that show your natural talent and range of abilities.  This allows any perspective client or employer to see exactly what you are able to bring to the table.  It also shows your ability to coordinate and edit, which can also make you look more attractive to employers.

    Learning to create portfolios is a fairly simple thing.  You first need to gather as much of your work as you are able to.  At this point don’t worry about editing; we are just trying to get as large a sample of your work in front of you.  Once you have everything together, you need to start editing down your choices.  You don’t want to put in that paper you wrote after an all night bender which earned you a C in your Humanities class.  You want every piece in the portfolio to say something about how strong you are in your field.  And make sure to only put copies of your work in a portfolio.  Originals should always be kept safe.  

     Once you have your best pieces, it is only a matter of combining them together.  If they are physical copies you can place them into a high quality file folder.  For e-portfolios they can be combined into a single folder.  Make sure that you include a summary sheet with your portfolio, and a resume.  It would also be good to keep copies of both your resume and summary sheet to distribute to perspective employers.

    There are many different ways that the items in your portfolio can be arranged.  This can be done chronologically, or by category, or they could even be arranged to tell a story about your professional development.  A good rule of thumb is to look at your portfolio as if you were thinking about hiring the person who was putting it together. What order would create the best impression in an interview?  And remember, the right orders can change based on the situation, so always get as much information as you can about who is interviewing you, and what they are looking for.

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            A strong website can help spread your company’s message to potentially millions of customers around the world.  A good website can also improve your business by providing a way for customers around the globe to access your products.  Getting people to come to your website can feel like one of the most difficult things in the world.  Unless you can market it properly, a website might as well not even exist.  Not to fear though, getting the word out about your website is not the daunting task that it initially seems.  It just takes a little bit of effort to start seeing the traffic of the internet flowing your way.

Informal Learning with Technology


In the last thirty years computers and technology in general have become a central part of our lives.  From entertainment to trip planning, the computer has made our daily lives more effective and satisfying.  Technology has also begun to play a major role in education and learning.  We hear about students who are able to attend classes while sitting in bathrobes at their desks at home.  Technology has also had an impact on informal learning as well, and as a result we now have access to much more information than we ever thought possible.  This has had a major impact on informal learning.

Have you ever wanted to learn underwater basket weaving?  Or have you ever wondered how someone can surf while doing a handstand?  Thanks to the computer, these things can be learned as part of informal learning with technology.  All it takes is a working computer that has access to the Internet, and you can find websites that will teach you to do either of those things. Informal learning is much more prevalent with the development of technology as anyone can come across previously unknown areas of interest simply by surfing the Internet. Informal learning with technology has also had an impact on business.  Because of the vast amount of information available on the Internet, it is possible for a person to learn skills that will allow them to fill multiple jobs without having to spend large amounts of time and money to gain those skills through a formal education system. Research in the work environment is much simpler these days due to the vast amount of information available online.

Informal learning with technology also has an impact on people outside the workplace.  If someone is interested in a specific area of knowledge, say the major constellations, they can use technology to find the exact information they are looking for without having to buy an astronomy book, and wading through a mass of unwanted information to find what they are looking for.  This has allowed us to focus our informal learning on specific areas of knowledge.  This helps us to stay informed and interested, and frees up our time to learn about a wider range of interests.   Informal learning with technology has also freed us up to learn in settings that previously were not conducive to learning.  A person can put a CD in their radio and learn to speak a foreign language while they drive to work.

There are many aspects of our lives that have been affected by technology, and learning is no exception.  Technology can be combined with informal learning to quickly improve our worth to a company.  Knowledge is more readily available with the introduction of technology, as anyone can learn new skills or develop a new area of expertise simply by accessing the wealth of information on the Internet. It can also enrich our personal lives by allowing us to learn about topics that truly interest us.  Technology, in combination with informal learning, truly is a beautiful thing.

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Learn How to be a Flash Developer


      Adobe Flash is a multimedia platform that is becoming increasingly important in today’s world.  You can find it used in a number of different ways, and for a large number of applications.  One of the biggest advantages of Flash is that it can be used on multiple platforms, from computers to smart phones and even on some smaller media devices.  Because of this, developing flash applications can be a great choice for the aspiring developer.

      The first step to learning how to be a Flash developer is to learn the language used to write applications on this medium.  The language used for Flash is ActionScript.  This is the basic language used for Flash applications from simple programs to complex interactions.  If you are interested in programming in this format you must learn the language first and foremost.  It is only after you’ve learned the basic programming language that you can begin to manipulate it. (Adobe, 2010)

      Once you have the basic programming language down, the next step in learning how to be a Flash developer is to familiarize yourself with graphics manipulation.  Flash is a very graphic friendly platform which allows you to manipulate them in a number of ways.  They can be used in animations or as part of video.  Flash also allows a number of different graphic effects.  Learning the use of animation and videos can help you create deeper and more compelling applications.

      There are also a number of scripts which allows the programmer to include preset systems in a Flash program.  This can make learning how to be a Flash developer a much easier proposition by providing you with program components that are reliable and ready to be integrated.   It is also important to remember as you develop your programming skills that Flash is an established media with any number of books, articles and programs designed to help you write better applications.  Start with a search engine and see where that leads you.  A bookstore or library can also be a good source of information to help you learn how to be a Flash developer. (Johnson, 2009)

      Flash is a versatile platform that can be used in a number of different ways and on several different platforms.  Whether your goal is to create a simple Flash based game, or a more complex script, learning how to be a Flash developer can be a rewarding experience.  The keys are to learn the basics, understand how different components can be used, and take advantage of preprogrammed scripts to help make your designing easier.  If you follow these steps you might just find yourself designing the next big internet sensation.
Works Cited

Adobe. (2010). Adobe Developer Connection. Retrieved 05 13, 2010, from

Johnson, Z. (2009, 04 20). So You Want to be a Web Developer. Retrieved 05 13, 2010, from Zachstronaut: 

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Yes, We said FREE PIZZA!!!!

Have a look out for your local Classified Connection next week! As a business owner, you'll have a chance to win FREE Pizza and Garlic Bread with cheese from Roger's Pizza in Dover, EVERY WEEK!!! Sponsored by Roger's Pizza and Classified Connection.

Classified Connection is a local publication reaching Dover to Wolfeboro, NH. Proudly published and distributed by Golter Graphix LLC, Classified Connection offers a free community service, support to local non-profits and affordable advertising for local small business owners.

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It's Official!!


Welcome Our Newest Subsidiary:


We officially registered our newest dba!

What a fantastic outlet to offer our clients!

Box Top Promotions Small Business Advertising NH

Keep your eyes open while we build our brand new web site:

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So, it's been a long time coming. We've been working so hard to bring you the best little community resource for our locals and local advertisers. Classified Connection is flying off the shelf, and why shouldn't it at an amazing price, FREE!

We've been listening to the public. We're hearing your requests and suggestions and praise. We're now expanding our horizons to fit your needs as a business owner, all the while, supporting the locals, which helps bring our community together!

Golter Graphix LLC is proud to announce our newest edition to the marketing options we have available to you. We are now offering pizza box, restaurant, and retail flyer advertising!

Our current available partners to advertise with are:

Papa Jay's Pizza; Dover, NH
Kristos Pizza; Gonic Road in Rochester, NH
Village Pizza; Rochester, NH
Four Corners Antiques; Rochester, NH
Charlie's Pizza; Rochester, NH
Rochester House of Pizza; Rochester, NH |
Farmington House of Pizza; Farmington, NH
Milton House of Pizza; Milton, NH
Anthony's Old Style Pizzeria; Alton, NH
Anthony's Old Style Pizzeria; Wolfeboro, NH

Wolfgang Pizza; Wolfeboro, NH
Somersworth House of Pizza; Somersworth, NH
Spinners Pizza; Lee, NH
Mama Lena's Pizza; Newmarket, NH

Royal Pizza, Wolfeboro, NH

(inquire for others in the Concord, NH area and surrounding areas.)

Subject to Availability and Expanding to your Area in NH Soon! (Currently Seacoast & Lakes Region)

Have a request for your town or city? Let us know! 603-332-9382

A special thanks to the local businesses participating in this wonderful partnership. Together, we can make a difference.

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talkin tables roger's pizza dover, nh

Talk'n Tables- Ever Heard of it?

If you've ever had lunch at the Pink Cadillac here in in Rochester, NH, you would have found yourself sitting at a table with lots to look at!

Next time you're in the Dover area, stop in for a YUMMY slice of pizza at Roger's Pizza and you'll see what I'm talking about. Among others, you'll see our advertisement on their tables.

What beautiful new tables you have...

Don't forget to say "Hello" to super friendly owner, Mike Tsopas, while you're there!

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Classified Connection's Grand Introduction Business Party!


- Free Food!!
- Full Cash Bar!!
- FREE Raffles!!
- More TBA.

Where: Mel Flannagan's in Rochester.
When: Sunday, November 8th, 2009. 5pm - 9pm
Cost: FREE!
RSVP: Click Here to Send an E-mail to Golter Graphix or Call 603.332.9382
As a current advertiser, you can donate a raffle item to our raffle baskets! One Lucky Grand Prize Winner will Win 6 Months of FREE Advertising in the Classified Connection!

(Raffle Open to One Member of Each Business, Free Food & Full Cash Bar for Everyone!)

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